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Transforming Healthcare Facilities for Superior Clinical Outcomes

Integral is a full-service real estate and clinically led facility development, design, and construction management firm. Our expertise lies in outpatient ambulatory care, specializing in innovative and value engineered ASC, HOPD, and Office Based Lab designs.

Integral Healthcare Development Group






Uniquely Contoured Development Opportunities

Whether you're a single provider, part of a large group, or a physician provider within a health system, Integral offers development opportunities tailored to your needs. Our approach is flexible, accommodating any scenario to deliver exceptional results.

Process Efficiencies and Cost-Conscious Designs

At Integral, we prioritize process efficiencies and cost-conscious designs. With up-to-date knowledge and strong partnerships, we create lean teams, minimizing waste, cost overruns, and redundancies. By listening to your objectives and using key indicators, we deliver a customized environment that promotes superior clinical outcomes.

Experience and Expertise

With over two decades of experience as a clinician, executive, and facility developer, our founder has witnessed and participated in numerous successful development projects. This unique perspective enables us to reverse engineer projects, ensuring fiscal and operational success. We bring this wealth of experience to every endeavor.

Your Dream, Our Passion

Watching the faces of physician partners light up as they walk through their completed project is one of the most rewarding moments for us. We are passionate about helping you turn your initial concept into a reality. From concept to syndication, design, and construction, we bring experience, enthusiasm, motivation, and perseverance to ensure your dream of providing superior clinical outcomes becomes a resounding success.

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